Ever Considered A Photography 365 Project?

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Ever Considered A Photography 365 Project? How about all with 1 camera that shoots instant film? Photographer and YouTube Creator Matt Day has released a video this week talking about his latest project. He’s going to do a 365 Project for 2016 that will involve 366 images (2016 is a leap-year) all made on an … Read More

Phase One Announces XF 100 Megapixel Camera

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Phase One announced today a new 100 Megapixel camera designed using a Sony sensor. For a cool $48,999 you get: 100 Megapixel, full-frame, medium format CMOS sensor Phase One image processor optimized for high dynamic color rendition 16 Bit “analogue” feel (interesting claim) 15 Stops of Dynamic Range 60 Minute Exposure Times Precision Lens Lineup … Read More

Keith Carter :: Ghostland

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Keith Carter’s latest collection of work, Ghostland is currently on view at PDNB Gallery in Dallas. Carter is an extremely prolific fine art photographer who works out of his home in Beaumont, TX. Carter has released 10 books over the course of his career beginning with From Uncertain to Blue which documented small Texas towns … Read More

Astro Photography From 1895 Discovered in Copenhagen

January 2, 2016By 8x10Culture No Comments

Astronomer Holger Pedersen is now retired, but still regularly visits the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen working on various projects. Oddly, he recently discovered an old box of photographic plates “while making a cup of tea” in the basement. He brought them up to the office and on further observation realized that they contained plates … Read More

Top Photography Books of 2015

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Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography has compiled a list of his favorite books from 2015. This is an outstanding list and as he mentions in the video, this was hard to get down to the top 10. Technically he does cover 11 as he gives you a bonus feature. Our list here at … Read More

White House Photographer Pete Souza On 2015

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Pete Souza is the current Chief Official White House Photographer under Barack Obama and the director of the White House Photography Office. If you follow him on Instagram you can see many “behind the scenes” photographs he posts with his access to the President. Pete is a fabulous photographer and as you can see is … Read More